Sixth Sense Robotics

Ever been fascinated by Robots? Ever been blown away by smart AIs? Ever appreciated the Machines? Ever been blown away by the uber-cool technology of the Terminator, Minority Report or Mr. Tony Stark? If these are a turn on-s for you, then the event "SIXTH SENSE ROBOTICS " is definitely the right place for you.

The name itself doesn’t need much introduction. Sixth Sense Technology is a revolutionary way to aggrandize the physical world around us and lets the user to use natural hand gestures to interact with digital information. It involves almost all sections of modern technology.

The workshop is a secure platform for students to enter into the field of robotics and work on image processing. It helps the students to learn all the basics and apply them in reality.

Topics to be covered in Workshop

   Ø  Introduction

·         Introduction to Sixth Sense Technology

·         Advancement in Robotics & Sixth Sense Technology

·         Introduction to Computer Vision

·         Need of Computer Vision in Industries

·         Introduction to Arduino

·         AVR Microcontroller Programming

·         Arduino jargon and terms

·         Arduino Basics

·         Arduino Architecture

·         Arduino board layout. What are the resources available

·         Introduction to Basic Electronics

·         H-Bridge

·         Bluetooth Module

·         DC Geared Motors

   Ø  Programming fundamentals ( C language )
Ø  Development & Testing on Arduino Board

·           Example 1: Basic LED program

·           Example 2: LED Blinking Program

·           Example 3: Integrating IR Sensor with Arduino

   Ø  Robot Assembling
Ø  Getting Started with Computer Vision
      §  Introduction to MATLAB

§  Working with MATLAB

§  Variables, Loops & Functions in MATLAB

   Ø  Image Processing in MATLAB

§  Introduction to Digital Image Processing

§  Introduction to Image Processing Toolbox

§  Image Acquisition in MATLAB

§  Camera Selection in MATLAB

§  Image Manipulation in MATLAB

§  Concepts like Luminance, Hue & Intensity.

§  Finding Pixel Value Operations

   Ø  GUI Using Image Processing
Ø  Capturing Images in Real Time Processing
Ø  Robot 1: Ball Following Robot
Ø  Robot 2: Computer Controlled Robot
Ø  Project: Changing a PowerPoint Presentation with your hand.
Ø  Project : Mouse Pointer Control.

Duration: 2 Days ( 14 Hours, 7 Hours /Day)

Eligibility: There are no prerequisites. Anyone interested, can join this workshop.

Certification Policy:

  • Certificate of Merit to all Participants from TECHNEX'18, IIT Varanasi in association with Innovians Technologies. For more details Please Click Here.

Fee: Rs. 1350/-(inclusive of all Taxes) per participant. * This fee include workshop training, study material, tool Kit, certification. Take away kit to a Team of 4 to 5 paticipants.

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