ArduBotics | Workshop on Arduino Robotics, Voice Controlled Robot, Automation & Electronics Projects for School Students

Imagine designing Intelligence based robot and doing what you want!!
Imagine making your own Voice Controlled Home Automation System!!
Imagine controlling your devices with your Android Smartphone’s


Does the above scenario sound like an idea taken from a sci-fiction? Well stop dreaming            buddies since
         the probability for it to occur is ONE !!!!

Presenting to you ArduBotics Workshop. Learning Arduino cannot be more fun, when you can have a drag and drop software and awesome algos to play around it. Entering into the world of robot programming using a scratch based tool and making robots, projects & home automation can be real fun.

This workshop will provide school students a base to robotics graphical programming & electronics project building. Autonomous Robot is a well known application of robot where a Robot follows a black/white line on an arena. Obstacle Avoider is another well known application of robotics wherein a robot detects any obstacle in front of it & move after avoiding it. Voice Controlled Home Automation is an exciting application of electronics & smartphones wherein you can control any electronics device by your Voice Command (Like ‘TV On’, ‘FAN Off’ etc). Android Smartphones Controlled Devices, nowadays everyone use Android Smartphone and we deal with many electronics gadgets, so we can control those gadgets with our Smartphones over Bluetooth. Some Electronics Circuit Designing & Projects Building training will also be provided to students.

This workshop will provide the rich hands-on experience to the participants on Autonomous Robot, Obstacle Avoider, Voice Controlled Home Automation, Smartphones Controlled Devices, Electronics Circuit Designing in a single workshop.

Topics to be Covered in this Workshop  

Session I: Introduction to Basic Electronics

1.       Introduction to Robotics

2.       Basic Electronics Components

2.1.    Resistor (Ohms Law, Voltage & Current)

2.2.    Capacitors

3.       Diode

4.       Basics of Motor

5.       LEDs

6.       Arduino

7.       IR Sensor

8.      Breadboard

9.       Bluetooth Module HC-05

10.   Logic Levels

11.    Digital Logic

12.    Analog vs Digital

13.   Practical Use of Electronics Components like Resistor, Capacitor & Diode etc. 


Session II: Arduino & Software Installation


1.       Introduction to Arduino

2.       Arduino Programming Basics

3.       Graphical Programming Software Installation for Arduino.


Session III: Projects & Graphical Programming (Drag & Drop)

Project 1: Simple LED Program

Project 2: LED Blinking

Project 3: Traffic Light Control

Project 4: Automated Door Opening System

Project 5: Android Smartphone Based Controlled Devices.

Project 6: Voice Controlled Home Automation. 


Session IV: Assembly of Robot.


Session V: Robotics Designing & Programming

Project 7: Autonomous Robot

Project 8: Voice Controlled Robot

Project 9: Gesture Controlled Robot 


Session VI: Zonal Round Competition

  • At the end of the workshop a zonal round competition will be organized & winning team will get the certification of excellence from Technex, IIT Varanasi & Innovians Technologies.

 Certification Policy:

  • Certificate of Merit to all Participants from TECHNEX’18, IIT Varanasi in association with Innovians Technologies.
  • At the end of workshop a Zonal Round Competition will e conducted among participating students & Certificate of Excellence will be provided to the Zonal Round Winners of Robotics Competition conducted at Zonal Center from TECHNEX’18, IIT VARANASI in association with Innovians Technologies.
  • Certificate of Coordination to all Organizers / Coordinator from TECHNEX’18, IIT Varanasi in association with Innovians Technologies. 

Duration: 2 Days ( 12 Hours, 6 Hours /Day)

Eligibility: There are no prerequisites. Anyone interested, can join this workshop. This Workshop is best suited for VI to XII Standard Students. 

Fee: Rs. 900/-(inclusive of all Taxes) per participant. *This fee include workshop training, study material, certification, government taxes and other human resources charges.   

Please Note: Kit will not be take away for Participants, during the training we will provide the kits for hands-on training and at the end of workshop kits will be taken back. Two Free Complimentary Kits will be provided to School for further activities like Robotics Competition, Lab or Science Exhibition etc.

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